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Australian Sports and Safety Surfaces specialises in installing synthetic grass and rubber surfaces for schools, parks, gyms, childcare centres, aged care facilities and residential areas.


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Wetpour rubber, synthetic grass, rubber softfall, mulch softfall and site preparation.

Wetpour rubber

Wetpour rubber is a coloured wear layer which is installed 15mm-20mm on compacted crusher dust,concrete or ashphalt. We offer a huge range of rubber colours from greys, browns and reds to your bright yellows, purples, and oranges. Many different themes, shapes, numbers, letters, and animals can be designed and installed for your project.

There are three different types of rubber we use at Australian Sports and Safety Surfaces.

  • CSBR – This is a pre-coloured granulated rubber produced from recycled tyres and coated with resins and pigments to achieve an even coloured coating.
  • EPDM OPAL – This is a synthetic granulated rubber, coloured all the way through to produce a long lasting and durable surface.   This product is great for bright and colourful projects.
  • TPV ROSEHILL – This is a synthetic granulated rubber, coloured all the way through to produce a colourful and long lasting surface.
  • Easily installed on hills, slopes, tight areas and around fixed structures.

  • Extensive range of colours and designs

  • Hard wearing and durable

  • Pourous surface allowing good drainage

  • Non-slip and non-toxic surface

  • Low maintenance
  • Foreign objects easily seen

Synthetic grass

Synthetic grass can be a great alternative for areas where natural grass will not grow. It’s a low maintenance product that does not require watering, irrigation or trimming. There are many uses for synthetic grass including school playgrounds, parks, sporting surfaces, childcare centres and residential areas.

We offer a variety of Australian made grasses that are natural looking and remain green all year round, along with a range of coloured grasses for a variety of applications including children’s playgrounds, sporting fields, cricket wickets, tennis courts and backyard areas.

  • Low maintenance

  • Long Lasting and UV resistant

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Economical
  • Green all year round
  • Foreign objects easily seen
  • Non-slip and non-toxic Surfaces
  • Range of colours

Synthetic grass is a surface that is free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals and is suitable to be installed in a variety of areas. We offer a wide range of high quality grasses that are manufactured locally here in Australia. There are many uses for the grass including school playgrounds, parks, sporting surfaces, residential and child care centres. All joins are glued with a solvent based adhesive onto a backing type, edges are either glued or nailed using 150mm galvanised nails. The majority of grasses have a washed and kiln dried fine sand infill swept into the pile. The grass can be installed on road base, crusher dust concrete, asphalt or as a softfall system.

We offer a variety of grasses that are natural looking and remain green all year round, along with a range of coloured grass for any playground design. Whether it is a cricket wicket, tennis court, children’s playground or your backyard, get in contact with us today to discuss your synthetic grass needs.

WETPOUR softfall
(Rubber CUshion)

Wetpour rubber softfall is a recycled black rubber granule or shred which is mixed with polyurethane and is referred to as the “cushion layer”.  This layer can range in thickness from 10mm to 100mm depending on specific playgound needs and the required fall heights.   The cushion layer can be laid under both the wetpour rubber and synthetic grass surfaces.

All our softfall surfaces have been tested and certified to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZ4422:2016.  A letter of compliance is issued on the completion of each project.

Mulch softfall

Playground mulch is a cost effective form of softfall surfacing. The mulch has been tested to comply with Australian Standard  AS/NZ4422:2016

  • Easily installed

  • Cost Effective

Site preparation

A firm compacted base is required for the installation of all our wetpour rubber and synthetic grass surfaces.  We can also install directly onto concrete and asphalt.

If your project requires any site preparation we can excavate and dispose of any mulch, grass, soil and existing synthetic grass or rubber.  The base is then prepared by levelling and compacting road base or crusher dust to create a firm base ready to install your synthetic surface.

The edging of the synthetic surface used depends upon the material of the adjoining surface eg. concrete, pavers, bricks, natural grass, mulch or existing synthetic surface.  In all cases we provide a smooth transition from on type of surface to another with no trip hazards.